We are 
fellow sneakerheads.sneaker collectors.designers.

Unity Not Division was created to build a welcoming community of people interested in exploring the world of sneakers & design.

Our mission is to offer offbeat, curated sneaker content focused on making the community more inclusive every day.

We are engineers, designers and marketing geeks (just like you) with a passion to find and create communities of scale. We enjoy talking about sneakers, design and esthetics, and researching history that is unknown to us. We don't own every sneaker we talk about, and if you are like us, we want you to hear that that is OK! We also want to hear from you on how you got into sneaker culture!  

Here are some ideas we have in mind for you:
- ways to cop sneakers
- sneaker lingo
- what's in and what's not
- iconic sneakers of our time and more.

Give us a shout-out and tell us what you wish to see more! If you are one or know a sneakerhead in your neighborhood, introduce us!

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